Other projects


Organised by David Regueiro, one Thursday a month at Casa das Crechas, a band or guest artist, perform a small concert followed by a jam session.


The project: Carlos Sabrafén would make a jazz guitar with Galician woods and inspired by Galicia for me, and I would present the instrument with 10 performances in different villages along the Camino de Santiago. You can already imagine my answer…

A few days later I was contacted by Luis Risco, from the Vicente Risco Foundation -who facilitated all the technical aspects- and we had the first meeting. Together we worked out the design of the project: to record an album of original tunes inspired by Galicia. A recording for jazz quartet and to be performed using the new guitar by Carlos Sabrafén.

Pablo Castaño: Sax
David Regueiro: Guitar
Alfonso Calvo: Double bass
Sergio González: Drums


Hot Jazz band from the Rías Baixas.

With different influences from New Orleans music, Blues and Ragtime, to European Swing; they play a repertoire of classic jazz standards, songs from the “American Songbook” and compositions by different writers such as Louis Armstrong, Sidney Bechet or Django Reinhardt.

Available for performances indoors (auditoriums, halls, etc.) or outdoors (also as a “Marching Band”).

Line-up from trio to septet (David Regueiro: banjo)


I have had the huge privilege of scoring the soundtrack of this fantastic documentary.


In the tradition of the “Hammond Trios” of the sixties, David Regueiro Organ Trio compiles a repertoire consisting of original tunes, jazz standards, psychedelic rock tunes and soul and funk melodies.

The trio’s approach is very organic, leaving plenty of room for improvisation with swing and groove as driving elements.

David Regueiro: Guitar
Ricardo Moreira: Hammond Organ
Noli Torres: Drums


ALÊM is the first musical project evolving both David Regueiro and Ismael Cabaleiro as leaders. The Galician band is composed by a guitar and violin duo that mixes Jazz, Folk and Progressive Rock.

The relationship between the members began at the Vigo Conservatory of Music, where David was a teacher. Ismael began to attend his classes as a listener, and from that moment on they undertook mutual collaborations, always focused on jazz and jazz manouche bands. Their intention is to transcend those musical styles to bring a creative proposal in diverse artistic disciplines. The extensive trajectory of both musicians, together with their versatility, allow ALÊM to be a fresh, innovative and ambitious project.


INTRES is a recording by the violinist Ismael Cabaleiro dedicated to Stephane Grappelli. He is accompanied by David Regueiro on double bass and Daniel Casares on guitar. Together, they explore the possibilities of the strings, inspired by Grappelli’s band with guitarist Martin Taylor.

This album is composed of 7 original tracks by Ismael, composed between February and April 2022 especially for this formation. Tracks 1, 3 and 6 aim to recreate the style of the French violinist in a more objective way, while tracks 2, 4, 5 and 7 blend more with the personality of the author and the musicians who play them.

The album has been mixed and mastered by David Regueiro.

Ismael Cabaleiro: Violin
Daniel Casares: Guitar
David Regueiro: Double bass


David Regueiro: Guitar

Juyma Estévez: Double Bass & Composition

Noli Torres: Drums